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                                                                              Presence in 28 countries all over the world 
                                                                      TEHNI’s History
                                                                                      TEHNI S.A was established in Xanthi, in 1988, and its initial activity was the electrostatic metal dye.                                                                                         Due to company’s stable and continuous progress we managed to expand its activities by                                                                                                         constructing privately owned buildings of 18.500 sqm, where Aluminum & PVC Panels, Mosquito                                                                                           Nets and Security Doors with aluminum or wooden facing are made.At the same TEHNI S.A. has                                                                                             four sophisticated dye houses. Two of them are for electrostatic use and two of them for wood                                                                                               grain use (Decoral Use).
                                                                                      Company’s leading presence in the market is due to a great variety of designs, its high product                                                                                               quality, its competitive prices and the continuous efforts in order to provide the best possible                                                                                                 services in a modern distribution channel that includes more than 1.500 customers.The acquisition                                                                                       of International Certificates ISO 9001 for Quality Management System, ISO 14001 for                                                                                                                 Environmental Management System and ELOΤ 1801 for Occupational Health and Safety System is                                                                                         result of company’s dedication in continuous quality improvement.

Through a project of continuous investments that took place recently, TEHNI S.A. achieved to establish itself in the Greek market as one of the leading and more developing companies in aluminium market TEHNI S.A. has already started expanding abroad.Its firstsubsidiary company has already been created in order to serve the market of Balkan countries where our company has a significant market share and leading presence.At the same time our company participates in big international exhibitions in order to attract customers all around the world.
Size of Company
PANTELOS SA has 20,000 sqm facilities for the production of its goods.The products feature a range of quality certifications and sales are expanded in 28 countries around the world.

                                                                                                           News Announcements
                                                                “Our new facilities are created with ISO standards for the best product quallity.”

                                                                                                                                                                           President of Tehni