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Bio Flat Economy

BIOPANEL SA produces also FLAT Aluminium Panels/Boards  “BIO.FLAT Economy”. 
They are Eco-friendly, light (about 5,50 kg/m2) and rigid insulation panels for use in many sectors ie Door  manufacture, Office partitions, Exhibition stands and partitioning, manufacture of house containers, caravans, cabins and boxes for security staff, lorries and trucks’ carosseries etc as well as “Storm panels” since “BIO.FLAT Economy” is the least expensive option but is also the easiest to hang.
Product composition
ACP + Expanded polystyrene (EPS / Stiropor) + ACP
It can be also produced with XPS core (Extruded polystyrene / Stirodur) on request
Products Features                                                              
They are economical panels compared to others, with excellent thermal insulation, very easy to maintain, durable and ease to process and install them as well as corrosion and sound resistant with an excellent Thermal resistance and Thermal conductivity and Peel strength of ACP and core material too
Tolerances (thickness, length,width, diagonal) according to EN 823, EN 822, EN 824
Standard sizes
22mm (BIO.FLAT Economy 20)
24mm (BIO.FLAT Economy 24)
other thicknesses ( 28,32,40,44 etc) can be produced on request                                                        
900 x 2100mm
1000 x 2000mm
1220 x 2500mm (other sizes on request)
White RAL 9016
Brown RAL 8014
Brown 8017
Silver (like anodizing)
Other colors on request                                                          

Flat Panels Standard

Standard Aluminium FLAT sandwich panels
these are Aluminium sandwich panels with Aluminium skin 0,60 or 0,80 or 1,00mm etc both sides and EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) or XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) core
Also are produced with Marine Plywood core on request (only 22mm thick).
24mm etc 
White RAL 9010 (standard color)
and any RAL, Sample, Wood imitation etc 

Storm Panel

BIOPANEL SA is now offering BIO-FLAT Economy which can be used as Storm Panels as an economical solution to protect your home this hurricane season! Whether you want to keep your current windows and doors but do not want to pay the additional cost of hurricane impact windows and/or doors, our BIO-FLAT Economy storm panels are the right solution for you!
BIO-FLAT Economy is the least expensive option but also the easiest to hang.
Storm Panels can be stored conveniently in your garage or storage area. Ten (10) panels that are stacked together will take up roughly 200mm (10 inches) of floor space.
Available in :
900x2100mm (door size)
White (RAL 9016)
Brown (RAL 8014)
Brown (RAL 8017)
Silver (like anodizing)