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                                                                              Presence in 28 countries all over the world 
TEHNI implements an Integrated Management System accordance with the requirements of standards ISO 9001:2008 – quality management, ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental management and ELOT 1801 – management of health and safety at work. The IACS covers all activities of the company
affecting the quality of its products have environmental sides and risks for occupational health and safety.
TEHNI PANTELOS SA, innovating one more time, presents the first "green" panels in Greece. During all production levels, the technology and materials used are absolutely friendly to the environment.
TEHNI’s philosophy is:

                 The production of quality products.

                 The protection of the environment.
                 Ensuring the health and safety of its employees.

                 The continuous satisfaction of the requirements and expectations of its customers.

The primary purpose of the IACS is to achieve uniform and homogeneous product with features perfectly in line with customer requirements, and produced in a manner that respects the environment and the man who
involved in all processes.
EN ISO 8990 EN 12208 EN 13049
EN 1027 EN 13049

TEHNI a model industry

TEHNI’s ambition to become a model industry sector-driven respect for people and environment, is committed to:

                Comply with applicable law.

                 To invest in continuous training, information and education employees, with an emphasis on quality, environment, health and safety.

                 To provide all necessary resources for efficient and effective operation of each department, in accordance with the provisions the
                 Integrated Management System.

                 To ensure that the messages from each side to make continuous product improvement and overall business.

                 To monitor, count and evaluate the critical parameters and processes to ensure improved quality of environmental performance, health                    and safety of workers; not just to detect but prevention.

                 To set measurable objectives for quality, for aspects of environmental and health and safety, which established and evaluated on the                          extent of their achievement in part of the review by management of the company.

                 Establish a continuous monitoring process that through the faithful implementation and improvement to show the required quality level                    of products, effective environmental management and ensuring health and safety at work.

                 Be aware of all environmental aspects arising from own activities and to review those that cause significant environmental effects.

                 Seek to reduce the environmental impact during adoption of new production methods

                 To manage waste and air emissions in accordance with environmental permits and applicable laws and bring constant improvements in                    preventing and managing pollution.

                 To provide a suitable, safe, creative and pleasant environment labor.

                 To ensure transparency in the identification and evaluation sources of business risk.

                 To improve its health and safety of workers , with the provision of necessary protective equipment and use of appropriate equipment.

                 To review and evaluate regularly the management system applied, aimed at continually improving its effectiveness.  

​The company sets to achieve specific objectives and targets quality, environmental, health and safety, which are measurable and achievable, evaluated annually for effectiveness and revised if necessary.
Responsibility for the implementation of these commitments and objectives bring the company’s management and all employees within the competence and expertise available.